Ludum Dare 38 Progress

I’m working on a point click game.

Action will take place in a small flat, you’ll have to find some kind of item (or escape it, I’m not sure yet).

There will be a few basic interactions possible in game, like reading note, picking an item and using it on something.

Here is the gameplay prototype made in Unity:


Pixel art sprites (they will be colored):


Draft of game’s map:



Play Game With


Here is a game I made for AGBIC jam.

It is based on famicase cover by 2g:


Levels are made inside unity using my custom plugin.

I made music using Bosca Ceoil, my brother made sound effects.

Here is a link for the game:


Bugs Fixing Update of Voxel Multiplayer Game

Now instead of transferring photon ownership of enemies to nearest player (who has loaded chunks which enemies are walking on), I’m using my custom voxels collision system. This means that now enemies can walk on chunk even if it isn’t visible on master client’s computer.

I also fixed voxels data serializing, instead of making string I’m flattening byte array. Now voxels data are loading from server more quickly. Also it gives me possibility to load custom maps instead of procedurally generated noise.