Bugs Fixing Update of Voxel Multiplayer Game

Now instead of transferring photon ownership of enemies to nearest player (who has loaded chunks which enemies are walking on), I’m using my custom voxels collision system. This means that now enemies can walk on chunk even if it isn’t visible on master client’s computer.

I also fixed voxels data serializing, instead of making string I’m flattening byte array. Now voxels data are loading from server more quickly. Also it gives me possibility to load custom maps instead of procedurally generated noise.



2 uwagi do wpisu “Bugs Fixing Update of Voxel Multiplayer Game

    1. No, it didn’t met my expectations back then. Right now I’d need to rewrite it completely to update anything because methods I used for it were to amateurish and vulnerable, so there won’t be any updates for it anymore.
      I’m planning to move all my older projects to public github repositories in the end of June, so if you’re interested you can look up to that.



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